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How to Style: Lace Bralette Outfit for Summer

Most people can agree that nothing is better than summer. The rays of sunshine on your skin, the longer and brighter days and the smell of fresh air. The best part for me though is taking off all those layers of clothing, especially  since I'm one who likes to dress a little more provoctively. It's so much easier to look cute during the summer. All you need to do is casually throw on a cute top and shorts for an effortlessly chic look. That being said I put together an edgy and chic look for summer. I picked out our...

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How to Style a Casual And Edgy Rocker Chic Outfit

One of the main thing's I look for when buying clothes is the worth of the garment. I'm not talking about the retail price, but the how much I will personally  get out of it. For instance, "Do I love it?". Then there comes the question of  "how much use I'll get out of it?" Of course there are the occasional  splurge's  on a truly remarkable piece, but that's a different story. In this case though the "In Your Dreams Crop Top," fits these parameters perfectly. I instantly fell in love with the "In Your Dreams Crop Top." I love...

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